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Fundraising Campaigns

Customise a campaign to raise funds for your personal or charity cause

 Great Fundraising   Ideas

      Inspiring fundraising ideas that draw attention of potential donators

   Funds  Management

Managing your campaign funds over a well secured platform

Fundraising      Events

Organising successful and profitable fundraising events for your organisation

      Donation     Reach

     Campaign  reach to millions of potential donators worldwide

 NGO / Charity   Profile

Verification and creation of NGO profiles for successful donation reach


FundMie is a global, crowdfunding platform focused on helping fundraisers generate successful campaigns with inspiring fundraising Ideas.

we know the days of the charity muggers (‘chuggers’) are numbered. We know that dropping your money into a charity and never knowing or hearing where it goes are numbered. And we know that even though people are generous and they want to give, it’s hard to know who’s actually going to make a difference with your hard earned cash.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve built FundMie to make sure that even if you’re only able to give 1₦ of your money or a minute of your time, you know that you, along with hundreds of other generous people are building a more awesome world.

We start by hunting out great organisations doing extraordinary things in our community (if you’re one of them, hit ‘Start a campaign’ on the banner). We screen to make sure they’re legitimate and have a great project that’ll make a difference. Then we put them online for you to choose from.

The rest is simple. You choose a project that matters to you, support it in a way that works for you and then track your impact as it comes to life.

FundMie leads the industry in crowdfunding solutions, fundraising events and funds management. It also operates top sites around the world.

We’re constantly working to support you and providing innovative solutions that helps run your successful fundraising campaigns.

Owned by Olco Multibusiness Ltd., FundMie and its subsidiaries operate in Europe and Africa.

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