Crowdfunding: a Unique Way for Fundraising

Crowdfunding: a Unique Way for Fundraising

Over the years, crowdfunding has been essential and consistent with regard to starting a campaign, supporting a cause and fundraising for family and friends in dire need. In most African countries, monetary contributions have effectively sustained family ties, however the method used in gathering these contributions is best known as hand-to-hand.

In this modern digital era, crowdfunding has been moderate and more efficient due to numerous internet crowdfunding sites. These sites act as mediators between campaigners or cause initiators, and the thousands or millions of donors who believe and are willing to extend helping hands to execute a cause/project, or probably to assist family members in need. Using credible sites through the internet, campaigners/cause initiators attempt to reach out to people who believe in their campaign, cause, projects, or help financially such as financing medical treatments.

This method of fundraising is known to be positively growing. In recent times, it has dramatically assisted campaigns by developing rapidly; creating more social awareness, drastically saving time, enabling comments and response on the platform, been cost effective, boost campaigner’s profiles. In general, crowdfunding has been a success on the internet. However, more and more people tend to use less of the internet due to lack of private and financial data protection.

Introducing crowdfunding in Africa and Nigeria in particular, is basically setting a foundation for a better and advanced crowdfunding platform. Fundmie has systematically tensed the fear of campaigners who most times believe their cause is a lost one. The platform is attracting more participators and erasing fears of internet insecurity. Fundmie operates with a secured SSL website and collect payments through a high profile secured payment gateway which has been functional in Nigeria for quite some time.

When a user puts up a campaign profile, they can share the link via social media to friends and family who in-turn gets back to the site to have a look at their profile and make donations. The user receives an alert each time there is a donation on their account, and can set his profile to withdraw funds either after a certain period of time or at the end of the campaign. There is a certain percentage for these fundraising services between a campaigner and the management of the site. The Registration is always free and open for everyone.

The aim of this fundraising is to help create awareness to campaigns and projects, and the project targets are charity organisations, churches, health patients who may be in need of financial help.

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