FAQ - Frequently asked questions

These are frequently asked questions about FundMie and our services. If you have any other questions, you can contact our support team at support@fundmie.com or create a ticket 

What can I use FundMie for?

You can use FundMie for just about anything.

Most people use FundMie to raise money for themselves, a loved one, or a friend in need during life’s most important moments. This can include anything from medical expenses, education costs, trips & aspirations, volunteer programs, youth sports, funerals & memorials, or animals & pets. FundMie can also be used to raise money for your favourite charity.

You may also review our Terms & Conditions if you’re unsure that the content of your campaign is allowed.

What Campaign should I choose, Personal or Institutional?

FundMie has two different campaign types to choose from: Personal (Individual) or Institutional Charity campaigns that can be verified & certified. Here’s a quick look at the differences between the two:

Personal Campaigns

Personal campaigns are the most common campaign type on FundMie. You can raise money for just about anything and withdraw the funds personally, or send the funds directly to a beneficiary. There’s no timeline or restrictions on how long you run a Personal campaign, and you can withdraw the funds at any time.

Personal campaigns allow you to collect the donations as they come in on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Personal campaigns do not automatically send your donors tax-deductible receipts like Certified Charity campaigns do.

Employees of an organization can also start a personal campaign

Institutional Charity Campaigns

Institutional Charity campaigns can be created by anyone, whether you’re Good Samaritan wanting to support your favourite charity or an employee of a non-profit. A ‘Verified Campaigner‘ badge will appear on the campaign to give your cause an extra layer of verification, after we have verified the authenticity of your organisation.

Donations made to Charity campaigns are processed through the payment gateway.  The Campaign Organizer doesn’t have to touch the money at all, and donors will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Can I add a second administrator to my FundMie account?

FundMie campaigns can only be managed by one person, the account creator. We’re unable to give other people the ability to sign in and manage your campaign.

If the donations you’re raising are for someone else, you can add them as a Beneficiary

FundMie Guide: Accepting Donations

Your FundMie campaign is able to accept donations as soon as you finish customizing it and see the “Your campaign is ready!" message. Donors only need to visit your FundMie campaign and click or tap the ‘Donate Now’ or “Support Now” button to start making their payment.

What kinds of payments can I accept?

US & Canada: Your campaign can accept payments from any Visa or Mastercard.

Australia & Europe: Your campaign can accept payments from any Visa or Mastercard

Nigeria & Africa: Your campaign can accept payments from any Visa, Mastercard, or Verve Credit and debit cards or bank transfer *Maestro cards cannot be accepted.

FundMie campaigns cannot accept payments by check, phone, or any other payment processors.

What is the minimum donation?

The minimum amount a donor can make to your campaign is ₦500, $5, €5 or £5 (depending on your campaign’s currency). This minimum donation amount is due to the processing fees applied to each donation.

Can my International friends and families donate to my campaign?

Yes, they certainly can. Friends and family can donate to your campaign from all over the world using a major credit or debit card.

When they make their donation, they’ll be given the option to select their country. This will generate the appropriate State/Country/etc. options for their credit card information.

Important: Your donations will always come to you in your campaign’s currency. Your donor’s bank will automatically convert their payment into the currency they use.

We do not charge any conversion fees, but your donors may want to check with their bank to see if they charge a currency conversion fee.

I received an email about a chargeback. What does this mean?

A chargeback is when a donor contacts their credit card company and disputes their transaction. Their bank or card issuer will immediately remove the funds from your payment account and set them aside while they conduct their review of the chargeback.

This usually happens when a donor doesn’t recognize the charge on their account and calls their card company out of concern. You may try reaching out to them to remind them what their donation was for, and they may be willing to reinstate their donation or donate to your campaign again.

If you want to challenge the chargeback, please contact our team here and we’ll do our best to help you resolve this.
Otherwise, you can concede to the chargeback and return your donor’s payment back to them.

How do I edit my campaign?

You can make various changes to your campaign by using the ‘Edit’ tool. You can edit:

The campaign story

The goal amount

The campaign title

The campaign theme

The campaign link

Photos or videos

Add, replace or remove pictures and videos

To do this when using a desktop or laptop computer, simply visit your FundMie Dashboard and click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of your dashboard. From there, you will see all the editing options on the left-hand side of the page.

To edit your campaign from a mobile browser, sign in to your FundMie account and then tap the ‘Menu’ button in the upper right corner (the three lines). From there, tap “My account” button to see all the editing options.

How do I add pictures or videos to my campaign?

Your FundMie campaign can have pictures/videos in two places:

Your ‘main image’. This is what appears at the top of your campaign. It’s also the image that will appear when you share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Your ‘campaign description’, or story. This appears below the main image. You can add as many pictures and/or videos as you’d like, in between pieces of text.

To edit the ‘main image’ from a computer, please:

Log in to FundMie at www.fundmie.com/sign-in

Click the “Edit" tab at the bottom of your Dashboard

Click the ‘Photo or video’ option on the left

Click the ‘Change Photo or Video’ button and upload the content of your choice

To edit the ‘main image’ from your mobile browser, please:

Sign in to your FundMie account (choose the campaign you’d like to edit, if you have more than one)

Tap the Menu button in the upper right corner (button with 3 lines)

Tap “Edit My Campaign"

Tap “Photo or Video"

To change your main image, tap “Change"

Upload the content of your choice, and save!

To add pictures or videos to your story from a computer, please:

Sign in at www.fundmie.com/sign-in and click the ‘Edit’ tab at the top of your screen

Choose the ‘Campaign description’ option on the left side of the screen

Click your mouse wherever you want the picture/video to appear in your story. Then, click the ‘Photo/video’ button at the top of your story editor.

Choose the content you want to upload

To add pictures or videos to your story from a mobile device, please: 

Sign in at www.fundmie.com and tap the Menu button in the upper left corner (button with 3 lines)

Tap ‘Edit Campaign’ and select ‘Campaign Description’

Tap ‘Photo/Video’ and then upload the content of your choice

How do I change or hide my name?

First, please note that FundMie campaigns must be tied to a single individual, and they must have their full name appear on the campaign. FundMie campaigns cannot be used anonymously; we have this policy in place to prevent fraud and promote transparency.

This also helps your donors feel more comfortable contributing by showing them who is collecting the funds and gives them a point of contact in case they have any questions.

How do I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your FundMie account password, you can request a new one by following these steps:

Click or tap the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on our Lost Password page.

After entering your email address, a password reset email will be sent to that address

Please click or tap the ‘Reset my password’ link, and you will be taken to a confirmation page

Once signed in, you will be able to create a new, permanent password.

Please note that if you signed up for FundMie with Facebook, you will need to use your Facebook to log in to your account.  If you would like help setting up a password so you can sign in using your email, just  Contact Us.

How to write a Great Campaign Story

I have so much I need to say about my campaign, and I’m having a tough time trying to get it all across.
We completely understand! Here are some tips to help you tell your story so you can be on your way to a successful campaign.
How to best tell your story:

Break it up. Paragraphs and bullet points work wonders when trying to make something easier to read and understand.

BoldUnderlineItalicize when you’re trying to drive your most important points home.

Tell it from the heart.  Be honest and direct with your supporters.

Post pictures and videos. Images help your supporters feel connected to your campaign.

Don’t forget to include these important points:

Get to the “WHY.” Let your friends and family know why this cause is so important to you.

Explain exactly how the money it will be spent and how it will help you.

Show appreciation. Remember to thank your friends and family for taking the time to read your campaign and support your cause.

Encourage questions. Let your donors know that you’re happy to answer any questions they might have.

How to Promote My Campaign

Promoting your campaign is the most important part about getting donations. Here are some tips on gathering momentum.
Tell a Compelling Story
Your campaign story is what turns your campaign’s visitors into donors. A compelling campaign story will include all of these elements:

A clear description of who you are

Who (or what) you’re raising money for

How the donations will be used

Why this cause means so much to you

Clearly formatted paragraphs that are easy to read

Don’t forget to proofread your story to make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammar errors.

Get Early Donors

Share your campaign with a few close friends and family members first. They can review it and make a donation before you share your campaign with everyone else.

You can also encourage them to share your campaign on their own social media accounts to reach donors who are outside your network.

Be Creative
While sharing your campaign on social media is very effective, we also recommend thinking of offline strategies to reach other potential donors.

Some ideas include posting campaign signs, organizing a fundraising event at a local cafe or restaurant, or getting in touch with other communities you’re involved in.

Go Public

Reach out to your local newspaper, radio, and TV stations to promote your campaign. They are frequently looking for new stories to cover.

Most media outlets allow you to submit a story online or access their reporters’ contact information. Just be sure that they mention your campaign link in the story.

How do I withdraw from my charity campaign?

Funds donated to your campaign are made directly to the service provider’s Remita’s account. Funds will then be credited to your FundMie’s account once they are approved.

In order to make withdrawals, your campaign must have reached a minimum of 30% of the Campaign.  You need to log-in into your account and make a withdrawal request:

Log in to your account, go to your dashboard and click on the button “Pledges received" and click on the campaign you had like to withdraw, a withdrawal button will come up.

Click the withdrawal button, and enter the amount you had like to withdraw in the pop-up window, (you can leave a note for the admin too).

After entering the amount, it takes you to the withdrawal page and displays your request.

It takes about 48hours to get your withdrawal request approved by the site admin.

Your withdrawal request can either be approved or declined(based on arising issues); If approved, the amount will be wired to your bank account stated in your FundMie account. Please note that for security reasons, FundMie only credits bank accounts stated in your FundMie profile.

After transfer, your payment account will display “withdrawal approved & transferred"

Should your bank account for any reason, not credited within 24hrs, please contact FundMie support team immediately.


Can there be more than one Beneficiary for a campaign?

Right now, Beneficiary accounts are only able to accommodate one person as the beneficiary. If you have more than one beneficiary for your campaign, the best thing to do is have one of your beneficiaries withdraw the funds, then agree to distribute the funds to the other beneficiary outside of FundMie.

Am I responsible for taxes?

Donations made to FundMie campaigns are usually considered to be “personal gifts" which, for the most part, aren’t taxed as income.

However, there may be particular case-specific instances where the income is in fact taxable (depending on amounts received, use of the funds, etc.), so we recommend that you maintain adequate records of donations received and consult a tax professional to be sure. Because everyone’s situation is different and tax rules can change from time to time, we’re unable to give any tax advice.

Separately, there are also times when FundMie campaigns are created to benefit a registered non-profit organization or charity. Donations made to those campaigns may be considered eligible for a tax deduction.

Can I reach your team by phone?

Due to the security policies of FundMie and our payment partners, all correspondence must take place over email. We need to be sure we’re keeping track of account details, requests, and other specifics that could be lost in a phone conversation. Don’t worry, a real person will respond to you by email every day. Plus, you never have to wait on hold.

How do I know it is safe to donate to someone?

We work hard every day to make sure FundMie is the safest place to give, backed by the industry’s only guarantee. Our top priority is a safe, seamless donation process. To achieve that, we employ state-of-the-art fraud-prevention technologies and a team of dedicated specialists who work around the clock to protect you.

If you want to know more about a specific campaign, you can contact the Campaign Organizer directly. If you have any further concerns, you can contact our team here.

How will I know when people donate?

Successful donations will immediately appear on your campaign and in your Dashboard

You’ll also receive an email notifying you that you received a donation

Your donors will get a FundMie receipt confirming their payment went through

How do I get donations on my FundMie?

Your friends and family will be the ones most willing to contribute, and also will be most likely to share your campaign with others.

For this reason we strongly recommend focusing on building your campaign’s local support before trying to gain exposure elsewhere. FundMie does not find donors for you, and we rarely see strangers donating to strangers. Rather, your donations will come from people you personally know.

To gain momentum on your campaign, you really only need one donation to start! Focus on sending personal outreaches to your closest contacts by email, phone, text messages, or through social media. Ask them to be the first people to contribute to the campaign to get you started. Once you get the first donation, others will feel more confident donating, and you can focus on sharing the campaign with a wider audience.

How do fees work in my country?

FundMie automatically deducts a 7% platform fee from each donation you receive. We also deduct fees for payment processing (3%) {and for Non-Nigerian cards an additional 2%}, and in some instances value-added tax (VAT).  These fees will vary depending on your location and campaign type. Keep in mind that

These fees will vary depending on your location and campaign type. Keep in mind that

There are no fees to sign up or create campaigns

All fees are deducted in real-time from donations.

The rest is made available for you to withdraw.

There are no extra fees to make a withdrawal.

The Amount Raised that is displayed on your campaign will always reflect the total amount of donations made before fees are deducted.

Fees are dependent on both where the campaign is set up, and where the donation is coming from.

Since our fee is deducted from each donation in real-time, you’ll never need to worry about getting billed or owing us any money. Additionally, your donors are never charged fees.

How do I thank my donors?

Sending thank you’s is an important way to make your donors feel appreciated, and also to keep up momentum and sharing for your campaign.

You can thank your donors in these ways: 

Send an individual thank you note through your FundMie account:
Post this thank you on Facebook
Send this thank you via email

Post an update to your campaign expressing your appreciation

Send mass thank-you’s through your personal email account

Does my campaign have a deadline?

For Personal and Certified Charity campaigns, there are no time limits or deadlines. You can keep your campaign active until you are ready to end your campaign.

*Note: Personal campaigns are the default campaign type, so if you can’t remember switching to a Certified Campaign, you most likely have a Personal campaign.

Does my campaign stop accepting donations once I hit my goal?

Not at all – your campaign will be able to accept donations even after your goal is reached.

Once the goal is reached, the progress meter on your campaign will show that you have received more than your goal amount. If you’d like to continue raising money, you can keep your campaign running for as long as you’d like.
You can also increase your goal amount at any time with these steps:

Sign in to your FundMie account

Click “Edit" from the menu at top of your Dashboard

From there, change your goal in the “Goal " tab

Click “Save Changes"

If you decide to raise your goal amount, we also recommend posting an update to let your supporters know why you’ve raised your goal.

Do I have to connect a Facebook account?

It is not absolutely necessary for you to connect a Facebook account in order to create a FundMie campaign. You can still collect donations and send your campaign to whomever you’d like.

However, becoming Facebook verified has been a key factor for most of our successful campaigns. It’s a great way to leverage your community of friends and family that may already exist.

Connecting your Facebook account to FundMie to become ‘Facebook Verified’ does not automatically post anything to your Facebook page. You have total control over what gets posted to your Facebook account.

Can I connect a Facebook fan/business page?

Yes, you can connect a Facebook fan or business page to your FundMie account. However, you may only do so if you manage the Facebook page and access it from your personal Facebook profile. You can’t connect someone else’s organization page.

Facebook groups cannot be connected to your FundMie account.

Please also keep in mind that only a Personal Facebook profile can be added for verification purposes. If you connect a fan or business page, its name won’t appear in the “Created By" section of your FundMie campaign.

Lastly, connecting an organization’s Facebook page simply allows your posts to be shared with the people who have ‘liked’ the organization page. If you’d like to direct your supporters to your organization’s Facebook profile or website, you are more than welcome to provide a link in your campaign story.

To add a fan or organization page to your FundMie campaign, make sure you’ve first verified your account with a personal Facebook profile.

Can I share my link with specific Facebook friends?

Yes, sure you can. Anytime you share to Facebook directly from FundMie, the post will be public to all your Facebook friends.

Here is how you can post a link on your Facebook timeline and customize who sees it:

Copy and paste your FundMie link (ex. http://www.fundmie.com/lanres-wedding) into your Facebook status update. Your campaign title, picture, and the story will automatically appear. Then, delete the link and type your own message

Click ‘Public’ button and select ‘Custom’ from the drop-down menu

A new window will appear, giving you the option to show or hide your post from specific people

Click ‘Save Changes’. You’ll be taken back to your post and, if you hover your mouse over the ‘Custom’ button, you can see who the post is visible to

You can also try the following ways to share with specific Facebook friends:

Send a private message to a Facebook friend, or create a group message with a few friends.

Create a private Facebook group and invite all the people you’d like to share with

How do I change the picture in the profile section of my campaign?

A picture can only appear here if you connect a Facebook profile. Your Facebook name and friend count will also automatically appear. This helps verify your identity and adds to your campaign’s authenticity.

If you do not have a Facebook account or choose not to connect to Facebook, the gray silhouette will appear instead.

Since the picture that appears in the profile section is pulled directly from your Facebook profile picture, changing your main image on Facebook is the only way to change what appears here on FundMie.

And that’s it! Your new Facebook profile picture will now appear on your FundMie campaign.

I am having trouble connecting my facebook profile

Is the Facebook log-in window not popping up?

When trying to connect your Facebook profile, a Facebook log-in window should pop-up in your browser for you to log in to Facebook. If you don’t see this window pop-up, something on your browser or computer is blocking it.

Try these steps to get the window to appear:

Disable pop-up blockers or extensions in your browser

Try using a private-browsing window on your browser

Try using a different browser entirely

Try clearing the cache on your internet browser

Try using a mobile phone

Are you seeing ‘Facebook Already In Use?’

If so, you’ll need to disconnect your Facebook profile from the FundMie account it’s connected to. First, follow these steps to log in to that account and free up your Facebook profile:

Go to www.fundmie.com/sign-in and click “Use My Facebook Account." Enter the email address and password that you use to sign in to Facebook

At the top-right of your screen, click My account

Select “Profile" from the menu on your dashboard

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the “Facebook" link

Edit the link and refresh the page

Select ‘Sign Out’ from the menu

Your Facebook profile will now be freed up for you to use with the appropriate FundMie account. Go back to www.fundmie.com/sign-in so you can sign in and connect your Facebook profile.

What happens to my campaign once I withdraw my money?

Nothing on your campaign will change. The total amount raised will stay the same (it won’t drop to zero) and you will still be able to accept donations. Your campaign will only end when you decide to take it down.

You can also post updates to communicate with your donors or raise your goal to create a new push for donations. Click ‘Edit’ from your FundMie Dashboard, then click ‘My Campaign’ and edit to update your goal amount.

Is it safe to donate on FundMie?

Yes, FundMie uses the same secure & encrypted payments technology as your bank to ensure your donation is processed safely

If you have questions about a campaign, you should first try to contact the Campaign Organizer directly by visiting their campaign and sending them a direct message. If you still have concerns that a page is misleading or fraudulent, let our team know by reporting it here.

Why did my donation not go through? Why am I seeing extra charges?

Donations may fail for a few reasons, including:

Typos in your card number, CVV code or postcode

The donation name doesn’t match your card’s billing name

Insufficient funds or card declines by credit card issuers (can happen if your donation attempt seems outside your normal spending habits)

Browser issues or issues with your internet connection (sending encrypted card information requires a strong internet connection)

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot this:

Enter the registered name and zip code exactly as seen on your billing statements.

Try your donation again using a different web browser and/or device.

If all else fails, call your bank and ask them to make sure they aren’t blocking the payment

If that didn’t work, please contact our team and we’ll help you troubleshoot your donation. Make sure you let us know if you’ve already tried some of our troubleshooting tips!

Extra Pending Charges: 

Don’t be concerned if you’re seeing extra pending charges on your bank statement. Credit card companies may show attempted charges on statements as a security precaution to let their customers know how their cards are being used. These charges will usually drop off within 24 hours of your payment attempt, once your bank sees that the payment didn’t actually go through.

How can I get my donation refunded?

Since all donations are immediately available to the Campaign Organizer and may have already been withdrawn, we encourage donors to contact the Campaign Organizer to request a refund so they understand why the funds might be taken out of their account.
To do this, visit the campaign you’ve donated to and send them a message about refunding your donation.
If you feel that your donation was misused or that the Campaign Organizer you donated to has committed fraud, you may qualify for protection under the FundMie Guarantee. Contact our support team for help

Do I need an account just to donate?

You do not! Only Campaign Organizers can sign up with FundMie.

You can easily visit any FundMie campaign and click ‘Donate Now’ to make a donation.

If you signed up by mistake, please contact our team and we’ll remove your account for you.

What is considered fraud on FundMie?

The FundMie Team wants to know about any Campaign Organizer that is misrepresenting themselves or the stated purpose of their campaign.

Report any suspected campaign or fraudulent campaign to FundMie team

When should I report a campaign?

You should only report a FundMie campaign if you believe the Campaign Organizer is committing fraud or breaking the law. Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.