Fundraising in Nigerian Churches

When the issue of fundraising is mentioned, the process typically a lot comes to the mind.There is the idea of three basic questions,"why","who" and “how". In a bid to understand the process(es) involved in fundraising, this article seeks to explore the three above mentioned questions while situating it’s answers in the system of Nigerian churches.
As stated in the introduction, there is an inevitable need to answer the question why? This accounts for the reason(s) behind the whole concept of fundraising. By this, one may admit of the very need for a seeming thing and long process. If the purpose of the project is not known, it may be difficult to go through with the plan and even more difficult to achieve any meaningful success at the end of the day. It is therefore of utmost importance to have a full understanding of the purpose of fundraising as mentioned earlier before embarking on it. In the context of Nigerian churches, one may be faced with a number of plausible needs which would account for the process of fundraising. Amongst others, there may be a need to construct a certain church building, a need to assist motherless children or even the bereaved, a need to assist the less privileged or impoverished member of the church etc.When a need such as this or relating to this occurs, it is paramount to embark on a fundraising project.
Having duly answered the question why? next is to put into consideration who the project is meant to support, above mentioned or what outcome is expected to be achieved.
It is important to note that this fact depends on almost the above-mentioned question: why?
For instance, if a church fundraising project is carried out in order to fulfill the needs of the physically challenged members, the questions why and who have been answered jointly.The reason being is an attempt of supporting physically challenged church members and the people to benefit from the project. It is therefore no gain saying that an understanding of the reason for embarking on a fundraising project automatically precludes the audience to which it is intended. All these are done until the big question “how" is answered.
It is generally known that every project has a procedure, a series of do’s, don’t’ process. The processes of fundraising is therefore no exception. Besides its processes, there are various methods which may be used in accomplishing it. – Author: Ogunsakin

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