Step 1 – A Need for Fundraising

Whether you’re asking for money, time, talent, volunteer hours, or anything else; this is the right platform to speak to your donors

Step 2 –  Create a FREE profile

Great fundraisers aren’t born, they are made. Create a FREE catchy campaign and reach potentials donors all over the world

Step 3  – Share Your Ideas/ need with a Picture/Video

Fundraising campaigns can be a great way to raise money. Share your needs with a picture/video to get your donors attention

Step 4 – Confirm your Campaign

Confirm your campaign and await approval from the site administrator to get started in the crowdfunding community

Step 5 – Share your Campaign Page via Social Media 

Share your campaign page via social media and stay in touch with your donors over the web raising money effectively on the Internet.

Step 6 – Start receiving donations from all over the world

Grow your fundraising virally by building strong and sustainable fundraising networks. Start receiving funds Today