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CARE MISSIONS FOUNDATION NIGERIA Provides 100℅ Free education and training/empowerment for orphans and vulnerable children and the less privileged children in our society project

by Andreas Olufestus

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Lokoja Kogi state Nigeria, Nigeria

Andreas Olufestus

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Andreas Olufestus
Lokoja Kogi state Nigeria, Nigeria
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We are CARE MISSIONS FOUNDATION NIGERIA, we are providing 100℅ free education and training/empowerment for orphans and vulnerable children and the less privileged children in our society


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NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION: CEM ACADEMICS RELIEF AND EMPOWERMENT MISSIONS FOUNDATION NIGERIA(CARE MISSIONS FOUNDATION NIGERIA) History of the Organization: CEM ACADEMIC RELIEF AND EMPOWERMENT MISSIONS (CARE MISSIONS) is one of the subsidiaries of Charisword Evangelical Ministry (CEM) as an initiative to fulfill the leading from the lord to rescue the children in the humanity and it environment from illiteracy, darkness, poverty and mediocre. OUR MISSION: Affirming God’s love for all people, we work with partners around the world to end literacy, human suffering. i. To reduce the number of street children in any of our catchments zone ii To challenge the inherent but sleeping self-worth in members of each of the OVC in our community. iii To shield the OVC from dehumanizing exposures that erode their self-esteem. OUR VISION: Empowered by God’s unconditional love in Christ Jesus, we envision a world in which each child especially, the OVC less-privileged children, outs of school and their parents all generations live a life that is worthwhile by bringing a social, economic and educational transformation to them. We envision a society where the rights and privileges of the orphans, vulnerable children, destitute and indigents in general are strongly protected and cared for without exploitation or violating them. NAME OF PROJECT:  100℅ free education and training/empowerment for orphans and vulnerable children and the less privileged children in our society project @ Some of the students on the assembly ground SCHOLARS WORLD ACADEMY CENTRE (SWAC). INTRODUCTION: CEM ACADEMIC RELIEF AND EMPOWERMENT MISSIONS (CARE MISSIONS) is a project, which environs in bringing social, economic transformation by educating the less fortunate indigent and under privileged children in Obajana Community it environs, oworo land, Lokoja and Kogi State and indeed Nigeria. Obajana, oworo district of Kogi State is a multi-ethnic community which is history almost all the tribes and ethnic groups in Nigeria. There are many chances in today’s Nigeria of which Kogi State and of cause Obajana that most families are enable to support themselves and keep their children in school throughout the year or session because of the level of poverty in the community. In a process to reach up to the vision, the strategy is that at least 70% of the orphans, vulnerable children, are out of school children in the community who are wondering why they were born because they are without anyone to help them. So, by God’s grace, by 2027, these will have access to: Free Basic Education in a conducive classroom/ environment. Have scholastic materials provided to them free of change Have school uniform and access to basic treatment free of change. Live in a better environment A home for the poor children in the community. Improved hygiene and sanitation among the children and their guardians. Being aware that children are Kogi and Nigeria’s greatest future resources, the project intends to ensure and support to the child’s complete development that mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and economically liberating and equipping them as they unwrap their full potentials. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: “The true measure of society is in now it cares for those who can care for themselves. Those in the dawn of life – the children. Those in the twilights of life – the elderly. And those in the shadows of life – the sick, the needy, and the handicapped” – Huberts H. Humphrey. We face a critical problem national parentless children and children who cannot afford quality education due to their parent poverty. In Nigeria million of children are homeless and parentless (orphans) and in need of foods, cares, nurture, education, and other things necessary to make life meaningful for them. There seems to be avoiding of “encouragement and positive solution to these dilemmas. These children need cares whether or not a family is available for them. In kogi state from which Obajana community has its own shares are so many thousands of these helpless children-hundreds of thousands of them. Some of them lost their mothers in the clinic during birth from AIDs, accidents or some other complications. Others are born to alcoholic or drugs – addicted parents and unwed parents and abandoned in hospitals across the state. In this Obajana community, an important town in Kogi State located in the oworo district of Lokoja LGA. It is the site of the largest cement plant in Africa and the 2nd largest in the world owned by Dangote Cement Plc their state or level of illiteracy is quite unequal while comparing with other “important” towns in Kogi State. In Obajana are all the tribes and ethic groups in Nigeria with thousand of their children in the bush looking for rabbits in the street playing ball, bet naija, naked in the street also with child’s plays, in the farm doing labourers etc. not because they want hope for them but because there is not hope for them to go school and because of the level of poverty in the land. Rather than these children to be embraced by the society in which they found themselves, they are discarded, rejected or abandoned. These children hardly get a chance to move up the social ladder. Rather, they are exposed to violence, battering, chose to become things for the politicians and other dangerous activities or occupation in life and become a threat to the peace of the society. Thus, they face early or untimely death. The high poverty level in Obajana once again due to less food production, unemployment disengagement from work, lack of entrepreneurship skills, poor health among the working group together with HIV & AIDs and illiteracy have knit out the vulnerability web mainly among women youth and children, resulting in broken families, early marriages, rapes and defilement, drug addiction and abuse increase crime toll. All these factors collectively result in cause of early deaths or imprisonment of parents, consequently making the children vulnerable. The aggravated problem therefore is use vulnerability of children rendering them unable to access their rightful basics of healthcare, education good nutrition and psychosocial uplifting that really need to be molded and empowered by them accessing the aforementioned basics skills that can make them happy, useful and resourceful citizens in society. PROJECT JUSTIFICATION: It is justifiable apparent that in the entire Obajana community there is only one public care centre others are private which makes it difficult for the vulnerable children and the less fortunate to access health care. Secondly, due to this lack of cares, the vulnerable of these children is now resulting into a high level of prostitution, child labour and child abuse. Therefore a school cum orphanage homes with a highly enriched skills vocational centre can have both long and short term solution. Thirdly, there are more than forty (40) primary and secondary schools in the area which belong to private individuals or organization with high, unbearable and unaffordable fees by the parents of these vulnerable children. Though privately owned, some of them are of low academic standards and not suitable deliverable to the vulnerable children. Therefore the project is intended to demonstrate true love to the less fortunate or less privileged children and hence committed to delivering services to the true and rightful beneficiaries without any discrimination of any from (religion or ethnic groups). PROJECT PLAN & GOAL In light of all the above problems, we have got a plan. We are initiating scholars world Academy Centre and we are proceeding with plan. In partnership with the ministry of women affair and social development, and other national and international partners, we have planned to provide opportunity for the vulnerable and out of school (dropouts) children to access quality formal education, teach them how they can play a significant role in their education, all free of charge teaching them how to overcome the challenges of life, set and achieve goals, teaching them the power of being positive, the importance of taking personal responsibilities and teaching them God’s love and care. This is because when the less privileged children are giving opportunity to access quality education and at the aforementioned skills and how to play a significant role in their education and future, they will learn how to take more educational ownership with a standard and stimulating goal setting programme. With the emergence of this centre in Obajana community not less than 15,000 less privileged children in Oworo district of Lokoja and its environs in Kogi State will be positioned to set and achieve realistic goals in the next ten (10) years. Any child who will go through this centre will realize that there will be challenges to block their path to their future. Rather they will develop an “I will make it happen” attitude and also become Godly member of the society. Part of our aim for initiating this centres is for it to become a base when a range of technology related service will be rendered to the children. We will make computer education technology and access to outline educational resources avoidable in the centre for the children. We will use computer course to teach the children how to use computer and also use it to build in them skills that are marketable and that can help them to generate income for themselves as they grow up into their adult lives this will go along with other skills. This programme will be one of the cornerstones of this centre and our strategy to bring technology to the less-privileged and the vulnerable children. We will also sue computer education technology in the centre to provide an after-school programme for other teenagers in the host community so that they come and be taught computer technology education from the introduction to computer to the HTML and to graphic design. Our main goal is to see at least 70% of the vulnerable children, out of school (dropped out) children and orphaned children access basic education and good health by 2027. PRPJECT OUTPUT: Increased number of orphans and the indigent’s children attending school free of charge. Lest privileged children attend school in clean new uniform free of charge The children attending school with enough school supplies and provisions. Improved living and sleeping conditions among these children. Improved nutritional status and reduced physical ailments and have productive populations. Positive thinking towards sustainability of projects. Enhanced enlightened community on child care, thus creating a viable and sound future. PROJECT ACTIVITIES Registration of orphans and vulnerable children-OVC who are less privilege. Construction of children and teenagers orientation chapel. Provision of tuition-free education, free uniform and free scholastic materials Moving from street to street looking for the street children – the vulnerable who were supposed to be in the school at that hour of the day but were not, identify and advising their parents to bring them to school. Construction of conducive classrooms and creates a conducive learning environment Construction of “home like” Hostels for Boys and Girls who are interested in staying in the Hostels. Supply of all the educational needs to OVC’s (children) in the centre. Providing hot meal to the children school/centre who are not staying in the Hostel before going to their respective house after closing from the school daily. Training of children and women on livelihood skills Construction of play ground and recreation centre for children. Organizing seminars, symposium, inter school competitions in games and quizzes, debate etc. for the children Employing qualified and quality teachers and trainers to work of the centres. PROJECT FINANCIAL IMPLICATION To execute this programme, there is only one barrier standing between us and the accomplishment of this very important initiatives through our foundation in Obajana Lokoja LGA of Nigeria – adequate funding. We are in desperate need of building infrastructures to the level require and met all requirements to provide this maiden project for the community. You can help us making our plan become a reality. The total budget for this project is (N794, 000. 000 (USD 2,200,000)) We will be contacting and connecting other partners and donor who can also help us bringing this maiden project to fruition. Please review the enclosed budget and consider supporting our programmes. If you need further and additional information, please call the CEO at (234) 8034848391. PROJECT BUDGET 1. Purchase of 22 more plots of land & clearing – N5million 2. Infrastructural development – N450million 3. Office equipments – N3.5million 4. School equipments – N35million 5. OVC orientation centre N20million 6. Health insurance – N3million 7. Purchase & installation of signs & publications – N2.5million 8. Sinking of water bole holes – N2million 9. Purchase of costal buses (5) N45million 10. Extension of electricity to the site N5million 11. Project registrations – N 3million 12. Official vehicles (4) N 6million 13. Fencing of the land N3million 14. Feeding of the children per term/session – N 2million 15. Purchase of uniform per session – N 2.5million 16. Land survey, building plan, approval & C of O N 2.5million 17. Investment for programmes sustenance – N 150million 18. Payment of salaries for workers per session N 4millon 19. Vocational & skills acquisition centre N 5million 20. Construction of OVC home – N 15million 21. Miscellaneous expenses – N 10million Total – N 794milllion (2.2million USD) BUDGET EXPLANATION 1. Purchase of more plots of land: Projected cost N 5million. There is plan for us to secure 22 more plots gland in order to give us space for the full implementation and operation of our programmes. This also includes the clearing of the land with the use of bulldozer and other implements before any building can commences on the land. 2. Infrastructural Development projected cost: N450million this cost will include building of hostels for both the boys and girls, sick bay, multiple storey building for the centres use, conference centre, classrooms, storey buildings for a administrative blocks, a standard schools library and books physics labs chemistry lab home economics/foods & nutrition lab, computer hall not less than 1000 computers with full internet connections, typewriters/IEM, general/examination hall staff quarters, toiletry canteen and mini mart 3. Office Equipments projected cost: N3.5million for office use purpose, we will need like 5 computers with full internet connections. We will also need typewriters and IBM, furniture, T.V sets, in each of the offices, Air conditions and other “Capital” equipment as time and project demand. 4. School Equipments projected cost: N35million for this the centre will construct the school fields for different games, purchase of books, computers, school/student/pupils seats, game equipments, white boards, scholastic materials and recreation centre to make students fill at home 5. OVC Orientation Centre projected cost: N20million with this the centre will construct an orientation centre for the orphans and vulnerable children get them furniture, public address systems, meeting with professional counselors resting places all these to make life’s comfortable for them generally. 6. Health Insurance projected cost: N3million we will use this fund to give full insurance to our staff. This will enable us get professionals in our school/centre. 7. Purchase & installation of signs & publications – projected cost: N2.5million the project/centre is located right along the major road but a little distance from the main road. The sign post will be a lighted one that will show our logo, name and motto, to make us known to the general public. There will also be non-lighted signs in strategic places with and without the community to help in locating us easily. There shall also be radio and television publications. We shall also print hand books and hand bills to inform the general public about our programmes and activities. 8. Sinking of water bole holes projected cost: N2million one of the major problems of the community safe water. Though a river is close to the school but it is more or less a seasonal one and not drinkable. So, we have decided to make safe drinking water available in our site for 24hours a day. 9. Purchase of costal buses (5) projected cost: N45million we will need like these five coaster buses for the centre. This will enable us convey students/pupils to respective domiciles after closing from school on regular basis. 10. Extension of Electricity to the site projected cost: N5million there is no presence of electricity in centre, though electric light is close to it. We will specially invite the power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to extend light to the site for us and also purchase and install power transformers, solar power and lister generator for the site to enable us have regular power supply. 11. Project Registrations projected cost: N 3million the centre has to be registered with every necessary body to afford us delivery all our intending services. The registration rages from anyone within Kogi State, Federal Government to WAEC, NECO, NABTEB GCE, JAMB, IJMB, and other examination bodies to help enhancing the presence of all these external examination bodies and bring them close to our students. 12. Official vehicles (4) projected cost: N 6million this is to enhance the easy mobility/transportation of our officers and staff members to different meetings and programmes. 13. Fencing of the land projected cost: N3million we need to fence the site all through in order to prevent encroachment and unwelcomed movements that can easily distract the attentions of both the students and their teacher during their learning period. 14. Feeding of the children per term/session projected cost: N 2million one of the greatest concerns of this centre is to make sure the children are well-fed with balance diet in order to increase their standard of living. 15. Purchase of uniform per session projected cost: N 2.5million each of the students/pupils shall be entitled to four uniforms. These will include: 2-school hour’s uniform, 1-after-school hours uniform and sport wear, these will also include their shoes/footwear, cardigans and overalls. 16. Land survey, building plan, approval & C of O N projected cost: 2.5million this is necessary to give us the authentic ownership of the land. This will enable us have a master plan of our project once and for all. 17. Investment for programmes sustenance projected cost: N 150million the centre has also deemed it fit to have some investment that will help us keep our programme moving without delay from any quarter. We hope to use this amount to start a recharge card printing business, set up a standard Garri/Cassava processing industry, standard book-shops and low cost estate, so that we can use their profits to maintain the activities of the centre. 18. Payment of salaries for workers per session projected cost: N 4millon this will help us to remunerate our members of staff/workers on monthly basic without any delay as at when due. 19. Vocational & skills acquisition centre projected cost: N 5million there shall be a centre when the children can learn vocations and skills. These may include, baking and decorating of cakes, tailoring, photograph production, GSM repairs, etc. this will enable stand on their own after the completion of their school. 20. Construction of OVC home projected cost: N 15million it is our plan in the centre to build a home and not just a house for the OVC, less privilege etc. can call their home. The home should be able to accommodate not less than one thousand (1,000) children from within and without the hosting community. 21. Miscellaneous expenses projected cost: N 10million this is to help us meet some other various expenses and exigencies which will definitely begin to surface immediately the project commences. Please accept my sincere “thanks” on behalf of our foundation for your efforts and willingness to support our innovative approach to help the orphans and the vulnerable children (OVC) overcome their challenges and have a bright future. I am excited about establishing a partnership that will bear much fruits to the glory of God with your organization to help many less-privileged children in Obajana, Oworo District, Lokoja, Kogi State and Nigeria. Respectively Submitted Pastor Andreas Olufestus, CEO CEM ACADEMIC RELIEF AND EMPOWERMENT MISSIONS (CARE MISSIONS)


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