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With your N200.00 once a year, we need only 4.5million Nigerians and our Olympic dreams is achieved.

Rise today, do your bit, encourage five others and we can smile bigger in 2020

We don’t have to wait for government.

No government anywhere in the world has spent or can spend the kind of money in sports

Be counted.

Elite Athlete Development campaign

by Nigeria Sports Development Fund Inc

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Lagos, Nigeria

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Nigeria Sports Development Fund Inc
Lagos, Nigeria
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We are Nigeria's first and only surviving sports development fund. We have blazed the trail and need to do it again


We funded the preparations of the Super Eagles for the 1994 African Nations Cup and the World Cup as well as the 1996 Olympic Games.

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We want 4.5million Nigerians donate N200 to our Nigeria Elite Athlete Development Fund. That will give us N900m. Each of the athletes will get N10m to intensify their preparation for Tokyo 2020. The athletes from 5 sports and 5 paralympians can focus on their plans. We expect 30% of them to qualify for Tokyo. If another 30% gets bronze medals, that guarantees us 10 bronze medals. Each of the 90 athletes will earn the following from the N10million we wish to give them:
    1. N50,000 monthly living expense x 12 = N600,000.00
    2. N1m allowance for coach
    3. N350,000.00 for kits and wears
    4. Each of the beneficiaries are entitled to four mentees who will enjoy N100,000.00 cover. This will translate to N400,000.00
    5. N5m to cover competitions for the season outside Nigeria. Each of the mentees will be entitled to one trip per season.
    6. 5 Treasury Bills in the athlete’s name. The interest will be used to fund the deferred annuity in their name for four years. This will enable them enjoy annuity payments till they die.
    7. N250,000.00 for supplements
    8. Comprehensive insurance and first year deferred annuity N300,000.00
    9. Performance bonus of N500,000.00 At the end of the season, if the beneficiary meets performance targets set between them, the federation and we, the athlete gets the bonus which can only be spent across of the next 12 months.
    10. Miscellaneous budget. N200,000.00
    11. Total: N10million

With you we can do it.

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Steve Ajayi July 05, 2018


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