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The center provides free legal aid to raped minors, free counseling and psycho social support to victims and parents. It also provides first aid medical assistance to victims and prevail to see that justice is done to victims.Please support the minors with your fund.

Fundraising for Rape of Minors Referral Center

by Dennis Ekwere

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Dennis Ekwere

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Dennis Ekwere
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Children and Young People Living for Peace aka CYPLP is a social enterprise, citizens focused, locally led and not for profit voluntary movement in Nigeria. We work for the good of the most vulnerable children in Nigeria.


We empower and activate young people in local communities to drive positive change in their local communities through small local programs. We continuously learn and deploy new creative and innovative ways of solving and resolving social problems in our communities. We work to be inclusive with other young people; informal and formal youth groups in local disadvantaged communities in Nigeria through engagement. We came to defend and protect the rights of the vulnerable, provide water, toilets and hygiene in slums, availing access to justice to poorest poor, through empowerment of young people as active citizens, such that citizens can catalyze change through small local actions that brings solutions to their communities. ” Our mindset is to put Nigeria first in that we do”.

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There is increasing rate in the rape of minors in Nigeria. Children as tender as six months old are raped, and the case goes on and on, and wonder what kind of world we are into. However, we want to see how we can help put a stop or at least, reduce this menace to barest minimum. We can only do this collectively as no body know who’s daughter could be the next victim. At our office, we follow up  reported cases to make sure that perpetrators are brought to justice to serve as deterrent to others. But we need you to support us please. Our office is presently providing free legal aid to poor children that are raped, free counseling and most importantly, providing psycho social support to survivors and parents so they can overcome the trauma. We also provides first aid medical assistance to victims, prevail to see that justice is done to victims. We need to protect our children especially girl-child that is under 5 years old from these scavengers. Minors are mostly the target for rape this days. We can’t wait any longer again. Any little action we can do now is better than never. It’s emergency, please help us to help them. Many of the cases reported to us are very pathetic, as  some as tender as under five years old are brutally raped, injured and wounded. Some are extremely traumatized to the extent that a mere sight of a man spark fear in them. Please can you help? Help a child you may not even know but is in a terrible situation right now to live normal life again. Your little giving could save that life of an innocent child, raped by a grown up heartless man. We count on you please. Go and donate now. Thank you.      
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Vanessa Idoha March 14, 2018


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