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Virtuous Widows Association is an NGO whose aim is to protect and support widows in Nigeria, empowering them and giving them relief for habitat. We need your help to make a life-long impact on widows. We are raising funds for widows whose farmlands have been destroyed recently in Benue State Nigeria by the Fulani herdsmen.

NGO Virtuous widows seeks for your help

by Egbosiuba Ifeyinwa

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Ajah, Nigeria

Egbosiuba Ifeyinwa

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Egbosiuba Ifeyinwa
Ajah, Nigeria
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Virtuous Widows Association is a registered NGO operating in Nigeria since 2013. We have achieved skills empowerment of the widows and sponsoring the widows children’s education both in Nigeria and abroad within the last 5 Years. Our mission is to build habitat and empower widows in Nigeria. As someone who builds our community, you are a life saver!. We strongly believe a woman’s biology shouldn’t be a financial burden or health hazard. Many homeless and low-income widows in our community don’t have access to community help or aids from the Authorities and most of them have to feed their families and send their children to school which is a very difficult task for them without having anything doing or having shelters. Recently in Benue state, homes have been destroyed, lives have been wasted, farm lands have been taken. This creates fearful thoughts for these widows whom are helpless amongst their communities. With your help, Virtuous Widows to Leap to Success will help 100’s of terrorist violence survivors and homeless widows rebuild their self-confidence and become empowered to reach their hopes and dreams! These courageous women have taken the initiative to start rebuilding their lives for themselves and their children. Virtuous Widows Association come to the aid of these widows by providing them shelter and assisting in empowerment programme. We also have landed properties in Lagos state and other parts of the country which we are looking out for your support to assist in building habitat and providing shelters for the homeless widows. Your support can make the difference. You can help them know that they matter and are important. Please consider a monthly gift to provide ongoing encouragement and support.


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