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kids protect device is A Miniaturized GPS tracking device that is affordable for users who access the location information by logging into the child’s profile on our website. 

Help bring kids protect to life

by David Okosun

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Lagos, Nigeria

David Okosun

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David Okosun
Lagos, Nigeria
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The high state of insecurity in Nigeria has left a lot of parents worried about the wellbeing of their children when they are out of sight. When children are off to school, excursions or tour, parents get worried as they don’t know the location of their children, this has been made worse by the sharp increase in kidnap cases today. This leaves us with two problems, an unsafe child and a worried mother. Our team D_Explorers have identified this problem and have designed a prototype for our kids protect device which is  a Miniaturized GPS tracking device that enable the parent to track the location of their children anytime they want to. The children here are primary school children who do not have access to or cannot use a cell phone. We designed this product during the impact week program organized by Lufthansa airline in the university of Lagos. We therefore plead for financial support to produce these device into a market with enormous potential users.


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