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Accessing quality education with the necessary infrastructure will remain an issue if not faced with the right actions regarding organization and context of teacher education is not well addressed. Our work so far has involved the planning, implementation, plan maintenance as well as monitoring and evaluation of educational infrastructure to achieve improved educational standards in Nigerian schools.

Help for Distressed Schools in Nigeria

by Wefund Education

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we are an organization with the sole aim of improving education through various means and also empowering non facilitated schools with facility to enhance better education

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Good results will depend on the students’ own initiative. If there is a competitive attitude among students, the educated-higher educated population in the village will be increased. In the next life, they will concentrate on creating small and big factories in the village, including self-employment, unemployment will disappear in the country. The educational institution will be a delightful place for the soft students. Where the students will go to school, the joy of the mind, the results will be good and the ever-growing excitement of learning something new.   To increase the qualifications of the teachers, continuous training is required, such as computers, duties and education development, ethics, knowledge-related information and technology. They need accommodation on their school campus.   Every hand needs to be on deck to provide quality education, and a Corporate body the days of giving up the needs of education to government to handle is over so we need to get involved and make the change. Donate now!
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