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The aftermath of Northeast Nigeria’s long running conflicts because of Boko Haram have destroyed country’s Asset including infrastructures and engulfed many lives while displacements of people continue. The international community has recognized that the humanitarian crisis in Northeast Nigeria’s Borno State is dire – the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is increasing by the day, and significant gaps in assistance remain. With the onset of the rainy season – overcrowding, poor drainage, poor access to water, toilets and shelter are critical needs, while severe food shortages, starvation and protection issues have been reported

Improving lives of IDPs in Northeast Nigeria

by sylvanus Ajeh

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Maiduguri, Nigeria, Nigeria

sylvanus Ajeh

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sylvanus Ajeh
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Empower Borno IDPs through Vocational Skill. Vicksly Foundation will train 500 IDPS in different Vocational skills. They will be trained on Skills like Tailoring, Barbing and hair dressing saloon, poultry, General Baking/Confectionary, Detergent making and Computer Appreciation. Vicksly Foundation conducted a need assessment inform of focus group discussion (FGD) in the target LGAs, and discussions with other local NGOs shows that the IDPs residing in the areas depend on humanitarian assistant, as the book haram insurgent has pose challenges to their farming business which is the only means of livelihood. Because of Boko haram insurgency in the Borno Northeast Nigeria, 1.4 million people depends on humanitarian assistant for survival. This project aimed at reducing the rate of dependency on foreign aid. The project is a sustainable mechanism for improving livelihoods of IDPs in Borno state. The project will use your donation to procure related equipment for each training unit. The project will be completed in 12 months across 3 LGA of Borno state.
  1. To promote employment-oriented skill, up gradation training to the adolescent youth and women from the selected LGA.
  2. To use these groups as a platform for generating awareness on youth/women empowerment strategy
  3. To encourage self -employment by acting support agency for providing necessary help
  4. To certify and to liaison with the trained services providers to strengthen training of women in vocational skills and link them to market opportunities
Your donation of N363 / 1 USD can transform life of one IDP. We don’t give fish, we teach how to catch fish. Thanks for giving meaningful life to our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who are IDPs because they fall victim of circumstances.


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