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My name is Rachel.I am 22years of age.During my teenage years due to an increase in my growth hormone i gained alot of weight that caused my skin to expand and tear leading to stretchmarks.I have lived with it most of my life and it has really limited me,I do not wear skirts and sometimes short sleeved cloths because i have it everywhere.

I found out recently i can finally get rid of it or even reduce the appearance to the barest minimum by laser stretchmark surgery,But in order to achieve this i need like 5sessions which i can not afford.Please help me raise the payment as this situation has caused me depression and body dysmorphia,i can not even live happily like the rest of my mates.This might seem vain to most people but to me it is my life,please help me by donation to my cause.Thank you.

Laser stretchmark surgery

by Rachel Gilbert

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Abuja, Nigeria

Rachel Gilbert

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Rachel Gilbert
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