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Bio-gas is a type of gas which is made from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste matter. it is produced after the action of certain microorganisms on waste in the absence of oxygen. the liberated gas is rich in Methane(CH4) and Carbon(IV) Oxide (CO2), the gas can be processed and used as cooking gas or can be burned in controlled environment to generate electricity.We need your assistance of fund to support this project

Neutrino Star Energy

by Noel Oputeh

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Abuja, Lagos, Nigeria

Noel Oputeh

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Noel Oputeh
Abuja, Lagos, Nigeria
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Neutrino Star Energy is a Nigerian Start up Bio-energy company which aims to develop and operate various forms of energy generation stations from renewable and sustainable techniques such as Bio-gas and Bio-diesel, Solar and wind Farms across  Nigeria and the rest of Sub Saharan Africa. We plan to utilize the recycling of organic waste matter to generate a clean and pure form of energy which is cheap, accessible and sustainable to be used by all Nigerians; the recycling of organic matter will in turn reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from Nigeria, thereby managing the effects of climate change.   Through the generation of energy from organic waste matter, we will be able to provide a cleaner source of energy than the combustion of fossil fuels, this will in turn reduce the carbon footprint of Nigeria. The  waste matter remaining after the liberation  of the bio-gas will then be used to produce organic fertilizer, which will be transported back into farms to aid in food production.



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Aug, 2020

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