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A series of print based puzzle books for children ages 3 upwards.


by Oluwatosin Salako

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lagos state, Nigeria

Oluwatosin Salako

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Oluwatosin Salako
lagos state, Nigeria
149 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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Puzzles are a great way of thinking outside the box, Puzzle 101 is a series of print based puzzle books for children aged 3 upwards. The puzzle books are designed to help children improve their cognitive skills, build their vocabulary, expand their knowledge base without leaving out the fun element. it is a compilation of crosswords, word searches, label the parts, brain teasers, word scramblers, maths sums etc. our target are children within the grade school range and fallinto three categories
  1. Age 3-5
  2. ages 5-7
  3. 7 upwards
each puzzle has been designed based on each age range’s curicullum and its packed with so much fun that even parents can also solve with their kids.


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