I have come to realise that writing doesn’t always come to everyone naturally, therefore, we have put in together some guide to help you write a fundraising story that is inspiring and touching for your donors. Though everyone’s reason for fundraising are different, so this is a golden opportunity for you to tell the world why you are in need of their help, the reason might be that you have personally benefited from the services provided or maybe you feel strongly about the work the organisation are doing for others. The whole idea is for you to let everyone know why, and who knows, it might even motivate them to become a fundraiser too. Now the question is, how do we make your fundraising story standout? Below are some steps you will follow:

THE REASONS FOR YOUR FUNDRAISING: Like what motivated you to start fundraising, it could be a motivation from a person. It might be or feel a little bit intimidating sharing your reasons but the more you are able to tell people about your reasons for fundraising, the greater your chances of influencing there empathy and generosity.

HOW WILL THE MONEY RAISED BE OF HELP: You can actually encourage people to donate by telling them how exactly their money will help, you could even give a breakdown of what the specific sum of money could mean to you. It is a great way of showing people the kind of impact their donation will create in your life.

WHAT THE PEOPLE’S SUPPORT MEANS TO YOU: You can let your donors know how encouraging their support is and how much it means to you that they are getting involved by using your fundraising page as an opportunity to thank them for getting involved.

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